"These guys are the sweetest neshamos! ...original music from the world of Emes and Soul!"

                                       Shlomo Gaisin


 "Can't believe the soul these guys have! They are definitely filling a void in contemporary Jewish music, lifting the listener higher!"

                                        Nissim Black

                      LittleBox Records Recording Artist

"...these guys have a lot of guts, and I think this is needed in this day and age!"

                                        Frank Marino

                       Frank Marino and Mahagony Rush

"Thoughtful and imaginative music by accomplished musicians from different genre backrounds. These guys have an original and captivating sound! Check them out!"

                                       Richard Underwood

                         Rounder Records Recording Artist

“Be sure and check out The Emmesaries! Great original music by some really talented and creative musicians!” 

                                       Adam Steffey

             5 time Grammy Award Winning Mandolinist

"I've performed with Z.Z. Ludwick and can attest to his fantastic musicianship! Their neshamas shine and music sparkles! I highly recommend everyone to go to their performances! You will be a better person for it"!

                                        Yoni Lipshutz 

                                         Simply Tsfat

 "..talented and sensitive musicians who bring out the power and depth of music!"

                                         Andy Statman

                                     Andy Statman Trio

"Yea, these guys are an amazing band..I got a chance to play with them..it's real roots, soul music, coming from the wells of Folk Rock and Rock and Bluegrass and all sorts of great things combined with real cool music in a spiritual message.. bringing a lot of joy, and really they all are very, very professional on their instruments, and give a great show !"

                                         Lazer Lloyd  

                   Lots of Love Records Recording Artist

"... a winning music team that delights the soul!"

                                       Rabbi Lazer Brody