Hershel Goodwin,a Modzitzer Chassid, has been playing violin since he was seven years old, and has sung in choirs since the age of 12. He has performed for many audiences and international Chassidic leaders! The Rebbe of Lizhensk said about Hershel "Many people can play notes on the violin, but when he plays, each gesture, each implication, is played with such passion and wisdom."

Since moving to Baltimore in 2004, he has played with a number of ensembles in a wide variety of venues, including being featured at the Baltimore Artscape's Worlds in Collusion Festival. Hershel also is the conductor for Baltimore's Cantorial Choir! 

His love of fiddle music and spirituality really shine in his playing, and his large repository of original melodies and arrangements, have become staples  amongst communities in the Mid-Atlantic region!

Yishai Romanoffstarted playing drums at the age of 10, picking up the guitar as well a few years later. Having been taught drums by avid jazz fan, Neil Walowits, as a teenager he gravitated to the rock and punk scenes in New York City, as well as playing drums with several college jazz bands. 

Since returning to observant Judaism at the age of 22, Yishai has performed with several groups in the New York City underground music scene, including Blanket Statementstein, Rockazion, White Shabbos, Shin Shin Mem, and his own band Moshiach Oi.

 He relocated to Baltimore in 2017 ,working as a music teacher and performing his original music around Maryland, before meeting Z.Z. and joining The Emmesaries!

Photo by Mike Diamond Photograpy

Photo by Michael Temchine

Photo by Mike Diamond Photograpy

Zev Zalman "Z.Z." Ludwick  has been playing music since the age of 8, starting with Classical Violin, transitioning to Heavy Metal Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Bluegrass Banjo, and focusing on Mandolin since 1996. Over the years he has been in several bands of very different genres, including playing Blues Rock for many years with Warner Brothers recording artist, Johnny Rushmore, and Bluegrass with Rounder recording artist Richard Underwood!

After finding his path to Breslev Chassidis in 2005, he submerged himself with Jewish/Chassidic Music. Combining his love of folk and fiddle music, he is ready to begin the next musical chapter! When Z.Z. is not playing his Mandolins, which are a custom Collings MF5V, and a custom Collings MT2, you can find him at his shop, Ludwick's House of Violin in his hometown, Silver Spring, Maryland where he is a Luthier, building, repairing and selling Violins, Violas, Cellos and Mandolins.